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Spinach Salad
with a bacon vinaigrette
Spinach~Purple Sage Farms, Boise Red Onions~King Organics

Caesar Salad
Organic Romaine Lettuce
WRSC Sourdough Croutons

Add Smoked Chicken $3.50
Add Smoked Salmon $5.50

Soup of the Day
Cup $5.00        Bowl $7.00

Soup & House Salad

Smoked Lamb Meatball Italian Hoaggie
Clovis Point Lamp~Bellevue
Marinara~Chef Chris
Hoaggie~Gastons, Boise
Mozzarella~Old Almo Creamery, Almo

All orders come with cold green tea with honey

Perrier, Pellegrino Aranciata or Limonata

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